Countries With Lowest Banks Balance Sheet - Bottom 5 World

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Banks Balance Sheet Latest Reference
United Arab Emirates

Philippines Banks Balance Sheet latest value is 1181.50 PHP Billion. Source: Philippine Central Bank. Forecast: 1173.6883 PHP Billion.
China New Yuan Loans was last reported at 1380.00 CNY Billion. Source: People's Bank of China. Forecast: 1249.2603 CNY Billion.
Spain Banks Balance Sheet stands at 2673.20 EUR Billion. Source: Bank of Spain. Forecast: 2673.5904 EUR Billion.
United Arab Emirates Banks Balance Sheet latest value is 2676.80 AED Billion. Source: Central Bank of United Arab Emirates. Forecast: 2687.0976 AED Billion.
Kosovo Banks Balance Sheet was last reported at 4027.12 EUR Million. Source: Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 4030.2536 EUR Million.
The country with lowest Banks Balance Sheet is Philippines (1181.50 PHP Billion in Jul 2018) followed by China (1380.00 CNY Billion in Sep 2018) in the second position and Spain (2673.20 EUR Billion in Aug 2018) in the third.