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United States
United Kingdom

United States Bankruptcies was last reported at 23591 Companies. Source: administrative office of the u.s. courts. Forecast: 24144 Companies.
Japan Bankruptcies stands at 706 Companies. Source: tokyo shoko research. Forecast: 632 Companies.
Germany Bankruptcies latest value is 1573 Companies. Source: federal statistical office. Forecast: 2014 Companies.
France Bankruptcies was last reported at 317 Companies. Source: insee, france. Forecast: 366 Companies.
United Kingdom Bankruptcies stands at 3967 Companies. Source: the insolvency service, united kingdom. Forecast: 3700 Companies.
Russia Bankruptcies latest value is 3080 Legal Entities. Source: unified federal register of information on bankruptcy. Forecast: 1160 Legal Entities.
Bankruptcies in the United States fell to 23591 Companies in Q1 2017 from 24114 Companies in Q4 2016. Japan Bankruptcies went up to 706 Companies in Jun 2017 from 688 Companies in Feb 2017. Bankruptcies in Germany declined to 1573 Companies in Apr 2017 from 1692 Companies in Jan 2016. Bankruptcies in France fell to 317 Companies in Apr 2017 from 387 Companies in Jan 2016. The United Kingdom Bankruptcies went down to 3967 Companies in Q1 2017 from 5593 Companies in Q4 2016. Bankruptcies in Russia declined to 3080 Legal Entities in Q1 2017 from 3166 Legal Entities in Q2 2016.