Countries With Highest Loans To Private Sector - Top 5 World

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Loans To Private Sector Latest Reference

Mexico Loans to Private Sector stands at 2352487758.00 MXN Thousand. Source: Banco de México. Current Prices, NSA.
Turkey Loans to Private Sector latest value is 1079142075.00 TRY Thousand. Source: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 993934469 TRY Thousand.
Mozambique Loans To Private Sector was last reported at 261957603.50 MZN Thousand. Source: Instituto Nacional de Estatistica, Mozambique. Forecast: 260607733.9662 MZN Thousand.
Paraguay Loans To Private Sector stands at 67281281.00 PYG Million. Source: Banco Central del Paraguay. Forecast: 67813591.6127 PYG Million.
Bulgaria Loans To Private Sector latest value is 31083034.00 BGN Thousand. Source: Bulgarian National Bank. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 31044847.107 BGN Thousand.
The country with highest Loans To Private Sector is Mexico followed by Turkey in the second position and Mozambique in the third.