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Inflation Rate
Interest Rate
Unemployment Rate

Bahamas Inflation Rate was last reported at 0.60 percent. Source: Department of Statistics of The Bahamas. 2014=100.
Bahamas Interest Rate stands at 4.00 percent. Source: Central Bank of The Bahamas.
Bahamas Unemployment Rate latest value is 12.70 percent. Source: Bahamas Department of Statistics.
Inflation Rate in Bahamas is expected to remain unchanged at 0.60 percent in 2017 while in the long term it is predicted to converge to 1 percent. Interest Rate in Bahamas is forecast to continue at the current level of 4.00 percent in 2017. In the long run, Interest Rate in Bahamas it is projected to converge to 4 percent. Unemployment Rate in Bahamas is estimated to fall to 11.9 percent in 2017. Bahamas Unemployment Rate will reach NaN percent in the long term.